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N o matter how "BUSY" a person is, if they really care, they will always find the time for you.

Why? Why? Why Oh Why Does This Happen To Me?

It seems like i cant find that somebody you know. I either find someone who cheats, lies about everything, or uses me. Is there seriously somethign wrong with me! what is it that i cant see! I literally put my whole heart out for them, im loving, always caring, and i give them respect, and I'm kind. But no one even CARES! And the people that i thought would understand doesn't even freaking understand at all! Either i leave them cause i caught them cheating or using me or anthing else bad or they leave me! And then im again let with all this suffering! I'm just sick of suffering you know! I JUST WANT LOVE! IS THIS WHAT I GET SERIOUSLY FOR WNATING IT! I just want someone there when life gets tuufff! And i want someone who will actually love me not JUST FREAKING PRETEND THAT THEY DO! I want someone i can look at and i know that he will be there and when i look at him he makes me feel so much better and that i know that everything will be alright. I want someone who will be there when i need them the most. I want someone who knows me for who i am and love me for who i am. I want someone who always makes me laugh. And makes me happy again when I'm upset. I want someone who wont run away once they see me and my son. I want someone who will feel what i feel. I want someone who will cares enough to look back at me. I want someone i can tell everything to and know they wont reveal it anyone! But i guess he DOESN'T EXISTS! Cause no matter what i do wont change to want i want! Its just a dream i can never reach. It's just a peice of my life that will never come. :( :'(

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